Apr 302013
The M-209 Cipher Machine

The M-209 Cipher Machine

Inspired by the Enigma World Code Group, I’ve just launched a similar group for M-209 enthusiasts. The home page is at this URL:


It can also be reached from the “Groups” menu under my web page banner.

Please check it out if you are interested in exchanging M-209 cipher messages with other crypto enthusiasts.

  One Response to “Announcing the M-209 Cipher Machine Group”

  1. Hi. I like your site. Look, I found “pencil & paper” version of M-209 (http://www.jfbouch.fr/crypto/m209/WORK/paper.html), but I don’t understand how it work’s. You can use that information and write on your site about “pencil & paper” M-209. Hope, it will be interesting for who’s don’t have a machine or a computer (joke) :) Thank you!