Aug 132014

I just became the proud new owner of an IBM System/23 Datamaster computer system yesterday. This 8085-based computer is an immediate predecessor to the IBM PC. It has BASIC in ROM, and two 8" floppy disk drives. I don’t have any disks or documentation for it yet, and I would like to get my hands on some of that.

Here are a couple of quick pictures that I took for Big Blue Week over on the RetroBattlstations subreddit.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I have also an IBM system /23 with some Floppy’s and try to image them the next months.

    For this I have got an YD-180 Floppy driven. Now needed an Floppy Adapter to 34 Pin and an Power supply each from d-bit. Than I try to image the disks with KryoFlux.

    I let you know when I was able to image the disks. Maybe you are interested to get the images then.

    My system: IBM System/23

    P.S.: where are you from?


    • Hi! Thank you for sharing your picture! I would definitely be interested in disk images for my System/23. I could especially use whatever utility disk is necessary to format other blank disks. Good luck with your imaging! I am in Riverside, California, USA, which is close to Los Angeles.

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