Misc. military surplus equipment that doesn’t fit into other categories.

May 022006
Radar Set AN/PPS-6

Radar Set AN/PPS-6 is a lightweight non-coherent pulse Doppler combat surveillance radar operating in the X band between 9.0-9.5 GHz. When set up on its tripod, it allows the operator to detect moving objects at ranges of up to 1,500 meters (people) or 3000 meters (vehicles). The operator can measure the target range with a resolution of 50 meters. Transmitted RF power is generated by a magnetron tube, and the receiver local oscillator uses a klystron tube. It transmits pulses at a rate of about 2,000 pulses per second with a peak power of at least 100W and a width of 0.22-0.30 microseconds. An azimuth motor allows automatic scanning, and the motor may be disengaged for manual aiming. There is no display screen; the operator listens for the returned Doppler-shifted tone in the headphones, and reads out range on a mechanical counter after dialing in the range gate with a hand crank. The antenna is a 12 inch diameter truncated parabolic dish. The set operates either from an internal 12V silver-zinc rechargeable battery or an external 12VDC source.

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Jul 171999
The AN/PSS-11 Mine Detector

I’ve wanted a metal detector since I was a kid, and I’ve considered getting a surplus mine detector for many years. I finally broke down and ordered an AN/PSS-11 mine detector from Fair Radio Sales. It’s a solid-state unit with a 9″x11″ search head and a handle which adjusts from 29″ to 57″ long. It can be folded and disassembled in order to fit in an aluminum transit case about the size of a small suitcase. It uses a custom battery which is not commonly available, so I wrote this brief article to describe how I built a substitute. Luckily, my mine detector came with a dead battery for me to measure and dissect.

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