Hi, I’m Mark J. Blair, NF6X. “NF6X” is my amateur radio (AKA ham radio) callsign. I like to collect, restore and play with military surplus equipment, cryptographic hardware and vintage computer equipment, and that’s mostly what this web site is all about.

I’ve maintained a web site about my military radio and vehicle interests since 1999, first hosted at QSL.net under my original callsign (KE6MYK), then under my new callsign (NF6X), and then migrated to my own domain. In December of 2011, I converted it to a WordPress-based blog. I’ve ported most of my old static content to the blog with minor revisions, maintaining the original publishing date stamps.

In October of 2014, I made cosmetic changes to the site and renamed it from "Mark’s Green Pages" to "Mark’s Tech Journal" to reflect the expanding focus of my site since I became interested in retrocomputing over the previous year. It no longer made sense to call it "Green" since so much of the new content was about civilian computer equipment.

Please browse my old blog posts if this stuff interests you, and comment or email me if you would like to. I reserve the right to delete any comments which don’t belong on my blog in my opinion, and I’m not kind to spammers. Thanks for visiting!