General announcements.

Oct 122014
Mark's Green Pages is now Mark's Tech Journal

I became interested in retrocomputing about a year ago, and since then my web site’s focus has drifted from mostly military surplus equipment to more general technical content. It no longer makes sense to call my site "Mark’s Green Pages (Mark J. Blair’s Blog of Mostly Military Stuff)" so I have renamed my site to "Mark’s Tech Journal (Mark J. Blair’s Blog of Technical Stuff)".

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Apr 302013
Announcing the M-209 Cipher Machine Group

Inspired by the Enigma World Code Group, I’ve just launched a similar group for M-209 enthusiasts. The home page is at this URL:

It can also be reached from the “Groups” menu under my web page banner.

Please check it out if you are interested in exchanging M-209 cipher messages with other crypto enthusiasts.

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Dec 122011
Welcome to my New Blog!

I have had a static web page for many years, but I’ve just moved it over to a WordPress-based blog. The new format adds many features such as searching, tags, comments, and an RSS feed. I’ve ported over most of the content from my old web page with minor reformatting and revisions, and I maintained the original publishing date stamps for the old content. I may also go back and plug in things like pictures of past events that I never bothered to share before, so please forgive me for engaging in a little bit of revisionist history. :-)

I hope that y’all like the new format!

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