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This page contains links to scanned images of a 1967 installation manual which describes the “correct” way to install radio sets AN/VRC-46, AN/VRC-53, or AN/GRC-125 in the M37 truck. Each page was scanned at 150 DPI and saved as a GIF image. This is the complete manual; the original was unbound, and consisted of two double-sided sheets followed by five foldouts, 3-hole punched and stapled together without any cover.

The AN/VRC-46 radio set is a member of the AN/VRC-12 series. It consists of an RT-524 transceiver, MT-1029 mount, and antenna AT-912/VRC or AT-1729/VRC.

The AN/VRC-53 radio set is a vehicular installation of the AN/PRC-25 backpack radio set. It consists of transceiver RT-505/PRC-25, amplifier/power supply OA-3633, mount MT-1029, and antenna AT-912/VRC. Radio set AN/GRC-125 is the same as the AN/VRC-53 set, except that it also includes additional components that allow the user to remove the RT-505/PRC-25 and use it as a backpack radio.


Page 1: Title page and table of contents (1152×1524, 15k)
Page 2: Introduction (1152×1524, 33k)
Page 3: Installation (1152×1524, 39k)
Page 4: References (1152×1524, 37k)
Page 5: Installation Methods for Antenna AS-1729/VRC (2373×1524, 55k)
Page 6: Drilling Details for Antenna AS-1729/VRC (2928×1524, 61k)
Page 7: Combination Positions of radio communications equipment installed in M37 (2404×1524, 88k)
Page 8: Installation of AN/VRC-46 in M37 (2984×1524, 106k)
Page 9: Installation of AN/VRC-52 or AN/GRC-125 in M37 (2946×1524, 83k)



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    I am looking for the dimensions and clear images of the AT-912 VRC antenna unit and components ( MX2799 + AB719+AS1730+AT1095)to model in 1/35 scale.

    Can you help


    • I don’t think that I have any dimensioned drawings of the AT-912/VRC antenna. I also don’t have an MX-2799 to measure or photograph; I only have the newer MX-6709 units. Sorry! :-(

  2. Mark…Bit late but maybe better ate than never….I wonder if this can help him at http://www.dtic.mil/docs/citations/AD0612919 is a site with info including calculations and photos…not brilliant but could assist.maybe…at the ‘full text at…etc My Regards


    Descriptive Note : Test rept.


    Personal Author(s) : Czerwinski, Watson P

    Full Text : http://www.dtic.mil/get-tr-doc/pdf?AD=AD0612919

    Report Date : Mar 1964

    Pagination or Media Count : 14

    Abstract : Field intensity measurements of Antenna AT-912(XE-2)/VRC, also known as ‘Improved Center-Fed Whip’, are compared to measurements of a half-wave, sleeve type, vertical dipole cut to the test frequency. Each antenna, in turn, was mounted on a 3/4-ton weapons carrier vehicle. As pattern circularity was confirmed by other tests, only head-on readings were taken. The Center-Fed Whip Antenna was found to have at least the same gain as the ‘unity-gain antennas’ throughout the operating range of 30 to 76 mc.

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