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Type 102e
I bought this Chinese HF transmitter/receiver set from seller redstarradio on eBay back around March, 2005. It came as a complete new set including the manuals, spares, tools, test equipment, etc. that would normally be issued with the set, all in original packaging. It was a lot of fun to unpack a brand new complete radio set in pristine condition! The historian in me felt bad about destroying the original packaging, but I just had to play with the radio! I compromised by carefully photographing everything as I unpacked it, paying special attention to packaging methods and markings.

The receiver operates from a battery which provides 90V for the tube plates and 1.5V for the filaments. It’s not too hard to fabricate a replacement battery pack from 10 each 9V batteries and a D cell. There is also a provision for external power, and the set includes a cable which plugs into the receiver and has bare, tinned, labelled wires at the other end for connection to an external power sourceq. The transmitter is powered by a hand-crank generator. According to the manual, it appears that various dynamotor supplies were used in place of the hand-crank generator in vehicular installations.

The manuals supplied with the set show the transmitter and receiver installed in the same cabinet, while the sets sold on eBay have the transmitter and receiver installed in separate cabinets. I don’t know if the different cabinet/installation options get different type numbers, or whether “Type 102E” is really the correct designation for my set.

I asked one of my Chinese-speaking co-workers to translate the front panel markings for me. Here are a pair of modified pictures of my radio set, showing the control, connector and indicator functions in English:


receiver transmitter
Receiver Transmitter


Both units actually have the same color of paint… I’m just not a great photographer! Though I don’t have a literal translation at this time, I’ve been told that the red plate on the transmitter’s crystal cover contains inspirational instructions from Chairman Mao, telling the operator to go kick some capitalist ass. I think that the red plates on the removable front panel covers are similar.




Type Superheterodyne
Frequency Range 2-12 MHz in three bands:

Band 1: 2-3.8 MHz
Band 2: 3.8-7 MHz
Band 3: 7-12 MHz
Sensitivity (CW) 7μV
Sensitivity (phone) 14μV
Selectivity 3dB passband ≥ 4kHz. Stopband ≥ 10dB down at 12kHz.
Audio Output 50mW
Tube Lineup 7 Tubes:

V201 1K2 RF amplifier
V202 1A2 Mixer
V203 1K2 1st IF amplifier
V204 1K2 2nd IF amplifier
V205 1B2 Detector
V206 2P2 Audio amplifier
V207 1A2 BFO
Power 90VDC, 1.5VDC



Modes CW, AM, MCW
Frequency Range 2-10 MHz in three bands:

Band 1: 2-3.7 MHz
Band 2: 3.6-6.8 MHz
Band 3: 6.6-10 MHz
Power Output (CW)
Band 1: 13W
Band 2: 13W
Band 3: 10W
Power Output (AM and MCW) 3.2W
Power Supply Hand-cranked generator:

A Supply: 6.3V 2.3A
B Supply: 425V 110-145mA (CW)

Dynamotor (for vehicular installations)

A Supply: 6.3V 2A
B Supply: 500V 110-145mA (CW)

Power output is 10% higher with 500V input.

(a) 64m dipole
(b) 32m inverted-L
(c) 4.8m whip
Tube Lineup 4 Tubes:

V101 2P3 Master Oscillator (VFO or crystal-controlled)
V102 2P3 Frequency Doubler
V103 FD-422 Power Amplifier
V104 2P3 Amplitude Modulator/MCW Oscillator


  10 Responses to “Chinese Type 102E HF Radio Set”

  1. thank you for all info. i was thanking of buying one i thank it would be fun to play with not much out pit power it would make a good QRP set, chuck k9cbb

  2. this an impressive looking radio for qrp operation,looks to be a fun radio to pla y around with. wish i could afford one to play with. frankkd8kdn mi,

  3. Enjoyed looking at your open-up-da-box photos. Was wondering what the little compartment lower left on the TX was but I think that question’s answered.
    I just picked one of these up off eBay for what I consider a way-low price. Working right now on a P/S for my R174 Gringo RX. Good thing I have extra parts for another’n for the 102E RX. Might even have enough junk in my Hoarders episode stash to build a P/S for the transmitter too.

    Heard somewhere there’s an English version of the manuals. Like to see that. Or I can ask one of my friends — recently minted new US citizens — to decipher the more inscrutable stuff on the front. And if there’s a quote from Chairman Mao, that’ll be cool too. I have a 50-odd year old copy of “The Little Red Book” sent to me from what was then called Radio Peking. Good ol’ Cultural Revolution from back when I was trying to be a hippie.

    Thanks again for the pix & info. Lookin’ forward to gettin’ my boxes opened up & maybe even on the air.


    Nils R. B. Young

    • Hi there. I would enjoy seeing an English manual for the set, too. Luckily it’s enough like most other tube-type HF transmitter/receiver sets that operating it is straightforward. Thanks for commenting here about your set, and I hope we run into each other on the airwaves!

  4. Mark, Thanks for posting this information. I got the RX/TX combo this past summer and now that the weather has forced me indoors I can begin to setup this radio as one of my many winter time projects. The translation of the front panels is most appreciated.

    Steve R.

  5. was woundering wher I could get the six crystals for the 102E

  6. You will most likely never find direct replacements for the original crystals. However, there are plenty of crystals to be found. Just look at the number of crystals available on ebay. Also they can be found at many ARRL swap meets (hamfests). You should have no problem finding the correct frequencies, it just will require a little time an effort to locate them. My suggestion would be to post a note on some of the amateur radio blogs listing the specific frequencies you need. What you will find may not fit your radio and you may have to adapt them, but as long as you do not mess with the can enclosing the crystal you should be OK. I have done this with great success in the past. Good Luck, Good Hunting and Happy Holidays.

  7. Thanks for your translation of the front panel. I have just bought the transmitter from ebay in mint condition. by apply 6vdc and 300Vdc I am on air with 3watts on Am.
    How about the power plug? I have used crocodile clips to operate. I am missing the receiver. Well it is going to be great looking in my museum.
    73’s Fortunato

    • I do not know of a source for the power plug yet. Since I got mine as part of a complete kit, I’ve never had to look for another one. I’m glad that the translation helped! We didn’t have Google Translate yet back when I made it.