Oct 312016

So here we are at the end of October, 2016, and with it, the end of Retrochallenge 2016/10. My silly project is much too vast in scope to finish in just one month, so this isn’t the end of my project… it’s just the end of October, for me.

While my project is far from finished, I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished in October’s burst of gumption. I completed the design of the main PCB, as well as a second PCB to terminate the drive interface bus. And at the last minute, I designed a 3D-printable case for it, even making some PCB changes in the process. The work in progress is all available on GitLab, with a convenient tag for my checkpoint at the end of October.

I have a feeling that some other projects will get a time slice of my attention before I get back to this project. For now, I’ll leave you with some CAD renderings of the brand new case design.