The TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer series

Sep 182016
Wanted: Radio Shack Color TVs for TRS-80 Color Computer

My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer which my dad bought for Christmas in 1981. With a built-in RF modulator, it plugged into an antenna switch box mounted on the family color TV. That old Magnavox TV is long gone, but I still have that Color Computer.

A “holy grail” that I seek for my collection is one of the Radio Shack color televisions which were featured in advertisements for the Color Computer. There are two that I’m looking for.

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Oct 222013
CoCoEPROMpak: A PCB for EPROMs in the TRS-80 Color Computer Cartridge Port

I designed this printed circuit board (PCB) to allow regular 2732 through 27256 EPROM chips to be plugged into the cartridge expansion port of a TRS-80 Color Computer. My main motivation was to crank out a simple design to try out a prototype PCB vendor called OSH Park. Unlike most small-run, online-ordered PCB vendors, they provide boards with ENIG (gold plating) surface finish, which is much better than HASL (solder plating) for edge connectors.

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