Identification, Friend or Foe: Equipment to help you determine who to NOT shoot at.

May 082013
2013 MRCG Event After-Action Report

Last weekend, the 18th annual meeting of the Military Radio Collectors Group was held in San Luis Obispo, California, at Camp San Luis Obispo’s NCO club. The event included equipment displays, presentations, field operations and a swap meet. I had a great time, and nearly every other comment I heard about this year’s meet was positive. I’m already looking forward to next year’s annual meeting, as well as the occasional field events we’ll probably have throughout the year.

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Mar 242005
SCR-515 (Army) or ABA (Navy) IFF Transceiver

PE-101-C Dynamotor

I bought this PE-101-C dynamotor through eBay in March of 2005, with plans to add it to my junk pile for potential use as a power supply for some future homebrew project. It appears to be unused WW-II surplus. It turned out to be interesting enough that I’d rather use it as part of a proper restoration of the radio system that it belonged to.

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