Regency Net

The Regency Net family of HF frequency-hopping radio communications equipment.

May 292007
AN/TRC-179 "Regency Net" HF/SSB Transmitter/Receiver

The AN/TRC-179 Force Terminal is part of the “Regency Net” system, which was a radio system fielded in the 1980s. Regency Net was designed to survive the electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) from a nuclear airburst. Thus, its members are a lot more complicated than other radio systems with similar capabilities, with lots of filtering on all electrical inputs and outputs. The set covers 2.0000 to 29.9999 MHz with LSB, USB and data modes. The Regency Net members include a frequency-hopping Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM) mode. The sets can function in single-channel mode with the ECCM card removed, and they were often deployed this way to non-military users such as FEMA.

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