The Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX family of minicomputers.

Mar 142016
Imaging VAX-11/730 Disks

I’ve been looking for a good way to transfer images of the hard drives on my VAX-11/730 over to my modern computers for archival and other fun. My previous attempt to bring up TCP/IP networking on the VAX was not successful, so I tried a different approach this weekend. And it worked! Well, mostly.

Now before digging into the details, let’s describe the computer in question. The VAX-11/730 was small by VAX-11 standards, but it’s still a great big beast of a machine that takes up a lot of room in my little house. It also sucks lots of power and gives off a whole lot of heat, but luckily it was a cool and breezy weekend so I could open up windows to keep the room from getting too hot. My VAX-11/730 has 3M of RAM if I recall correctly. It has a 120 megabyte model R80 fixed hard drive, and a 10 megabyte model RL02 removable-back hard drive. It also has a 1600 BPI 9-track magtape drive, model TU80. The R80 drive came with hobbyist-licensed OpenVMS 7.3 on it, with a node name of PIKE and a node ID of 1.730. The previous hobbyist owner apparently had it clustered with another VMS machine named KIRK.

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May 292014
Nothing Sucks (Power) Like a VAX

I’ve wanted a VAX-11 system for a while, and now I have one! I bought this VAX-11/730 system from a seller in Wisconsin on eBay. It includes 4M RAM, an R80 fixed hard drive, and RL02 10M removable pack platter hard drive, and a TU80 tape drive. The CPU cabinet also includes a couple of TU58 DECtape II drive; one on the front panel, and the other on the right side of the CPU cabinet, accessible when it’s slid out of the rack.

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