Nov 052016

Thanks to David Reid W6KL, I now have my first Teletype Model 28! I’ve had a number of Teletype Model 33 machines over the years, but this is my first 28. I’ve always been impressed with the 28 machines I’ve encountered at Military Radio Collectors Group meets, so I’m happy to finally add one to my collection. This one was owned by Al Tipsword W6GER (SK) before David adopted it.

This one is a KSR (Keyboard Send/Receive) unit, and it came with a Bell System teletype table which appears to have held a different machine for a long time based on the indentations in its thick felt top. A previous owner has added a power switch and fuse to the front panel, and I think that the selector magnet connector is not original. I have not yet figured out whether the beige paint job is original.

It looks pretty clean. I have not yet applied power, but it looks like it is not far from working at worst, and might just spring to life at best. Everything seems to be moving smoothly when I turn the motor by hand. I also need to determine what gears are installed. I hope that it is already configured for 45.45 baud 60 WPM operation.

David also provided me with a service manual, and a spare parts-donor typing unit.

I am new to Model 28 gear, so I would welcome any insight from experienced Model 28 folks who might be able to fill in any interesting details based of my machine.

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