Mar 302012

A week or so after I won my M923 truck, I also bid on and won an M1102 trailer. This one is for my HMMWV. It just arrived today, and it’s in good shape! The vinyl top is pretty well-worn, but the trailer otherwise looks like it’s in nice condition.

The M1102 has an aluminum bed that’s similar in construction to the HMMWV’s body. Rather than a little fold-down rear support leg, it has two beefier rear support legs that stow on the front, and pin onto the back. It has a tongue jack with a wheel, rather than a simple landing leg. The bows and cover are similar in construction to the cargo covers on the HMMWV. It has an added cover support along the top of the bows that wasn’t present in any of the covers I’ve used on my HMMWV. I don’t know whether similar supports might have been added in newer versions of HMMWV tops.

The bed has many folding, rotating tie-down loops, and a surge brake system. All in all, this is a nice trailer! I don’t know if I’ll keep my M101-series trailer that I bought for my HMMWV many years ago.

  2 Responses to “M1102 Trailer Arrives from Barstow”

  1. i bought a M1102 , it came with 2 sets of bows and one set of top plates but no cover. I have been looking but with little success. Any idea of where i can find a Tarp for it?

    • I have not found a source for new M1102 top covers yet, though I haven’t looked too hard so far. My trailer’s top cover is pretty ratty, and I wouldn’t mind replacing it. I like the top plate across the bows, because I think it’ll prevent water from pooling on the tarp between the bows. I’ve tried to emulate that on my M923 by placing a cargo strap front to back along the center of the cargo area bows.