Aug 192012

A co-worker of mine suggested that I take a picture of my two 5-ton 6×6 military wreckers with their booms crossed in the air. So here it is!


I posted on the Steel Soldiers forum to ask folks to help me caption the photo.

The truck on the left is my new 1984 M936A1 wrecker, which I’ve named “Hookers ‘n’ Blow” after having a flash of inspiration during a discussion about there being far worse vices than my military truck addiction. The one on the right is my 1965 M543A2, which I’m now preparing to sell. It’s named “No Parking”. The trailer in the background is my M101A2 trailer (dataplate says M116A2, but it has a 101 bed on it), with my MEP-003A 10kW generator mounted in it. I may dismount the MEP-003A and sell the M101A2, now that I have an M1102 trailer.


  2 Responses to “High Five”

  1. hi where is no parking located? does it run? whats needed? pleas call me at 951-634-3796