Oct 132012

My dad just visited me for a while here at Mark’s Green Truck Ranch. While he was here, we posed for a picture in front of my M923 5-ton 6×6 truck.

  2 Responses to “NF6Z Visits NF6X”

  1. Hi to the Blairs !! Lookin’ good out there…. Is that an RC-292 in the background?


    • Hi, Tim! You’re close… it’s a GRA-4 mast with a home-made inverted-V dipole, fed by ladder line made with 14ga THHN and those Ladder Snap insulators. I used screw-in ground anchors in place of the original stakes, and made new guys out of black dacron rope with stainless steel hardware and swaged-on ferrules. It’s a temporary antenna until I put up a nice crank-up mast, but temporary might be measured in decades. ;)