Mar 162013

I’ve made a new release of my M-209 cipher simulation software:

Yes, another release. They’re clogging up my front page. Anyway, this minor release adds a user-requested feature and makes another minor change.

First, this release adds a new “-s” command line argument which tells the simulator to skip the specified number of characters at the beginning of the message. This is especially helpful if the message begins with message indicator groups that the “-a” automatic mode doesn’t understand.

Second, this release no longer treats it as a fatal error when the redundant copy of the message indicator groups doesn’t match or is missing. Now, it just issues a warning message, and doesn’t even do that if the “-q” option (quiet mode) is specified.

Advanced users might prefer to pull the source code from GitLab this way instead of downloading the tar file linked to above:

    git clone

Please let me know if you find problems with this new release.


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