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Apr 282013
M-209 Simulator Update: Now with Key List Generator

I’ve just released version 2013-04-28a of my command-line M-209 simulator. The major addition to this release is a new Python script which generates key lists with daily scheduled key changes. The generated key list collections include 365-366 plain-text key files which may be read, printed or loaded into my simulator, and plain text key lists for each month which may be viewed or printed. Also, if TeX typesetting software and some other related utilities are available, various PDF key lists will be generated for on-screen viewing or printing into either small or large booklets. Please note that I’ve changed the version numbering from the old major.minor format to a date-based format.

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Mar 142013
New Release 1.4 of M-209 Simulation Software

I’ve made a new release of my M-209 cipher simulation software:

This release eliminates the specially-encoded trailer that older versions needed in the key files. It now deciphers the human-readable key table instead, and tries to tolerate minor formatting variations.

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Feb 192009
M-209 Simulation Software

After I added an M-209-B Converter to my collection, I decided to write a software simulation of it as a learning exercise. Here is the result: a command-line application, written in C++, which is able to encipher and decipher text just like a real M-209 machine does. In addition, my simulator can generate new random keys and automate parts of the message-handling process. I’m releasing my simulator under the GNU Public License in the hope that it may be useful, educational and/or entertaining.

Update: This software is now hosted on GitHub GitLab. See this post for details.

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