Nov 292014

I’ve just released a Python binding for the hidapi library:

NF6X/hidapi on GitLab

This allows the hidapi library, which allows cross-platform access to USB and Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) class devices, to be easily used in Python scripts. The hidapi library itself is an external dependency, written by another author, and available here:

signal11/hidapi on GitHub

I’ve only tested it on my Mac so far, running the latest head revision of hidapi as of November 29, 2014, under OS X 10.10.1 “Yosemite”. The get/send feature report functions are not fully tested, because I haven’t found any HID hardware in my pile yet that use feature reports.

My first application for this will be a Python package to support the Mini-Circuits USB Power Sensor, and I expect to release that pretty soon.