Oct 302014

Another IBM System/23 Datamaster collector just sent me these scanned maintenance manuals. I haven’t had a chance to take a close look to them yet, but I can already see they’re going to be very helpful because at least one of them includes PINOUTS! They’ve also been sent over to Bitsavers for archival. Enjoy!

IBM 5322 Service Library Volume 1

IBM 5324 Service Library Volume 1

Maintenance Library Incident Reporting Guide

I/PAR Code Guide

  7 Responses to “IBM System/23 Datamaster Maintenance Manuals”

  1. I’m trying to locate a working or at least repairable System/23 Datamaster. I still have my original System/23 BASIC Language Reference Manual (SA34-0109) and System/23 Quick Reference (SA34-0110). I’m also trying to locate copies of the other manuals. Such as the System/23 Setup Instructions (SA34-0186) and Operator Reference (SA34-0108).

    • I don’t have my System/23 any more, but I wish you luck in finding one. It’s a neat system.

      • Do these machines require a boot disk? I can’t remember if they boot to basic like the 1st gen IBM PC or if they require a boot disk to run. I landed a couple of broken System/23’s that I hope to get working. One is a main unit with 2 drive the other is a workstation. I don’t have any boot disks though.

        • If I remember correctly, they boot into BASIC, but need utility disks to do many useful things such as formatting new floppy disks. I have images of the few disks I managed to get my hands on over on GitHub:


          • It took the parts of two machines but I got my System/23 working today. It does boot to a command prompt. I can perform disk functions like DIR and VOLID but if I try to LINK PREPARE.DISK I get an “OPTION 10” indicator. Also, I get an error 99 whenever I try to save a program. I don’t have any reference books except for the System/23 BASIC command reference. Do you have any idea what my errors are? I’m wondering if it’s a write protect or something. I tried using VOLID to make sure the disk wasn’t write protected but it also get’s the error 99

  2. I have a System/23 Datamaster. It does not boot. It gets as far as the “FD” during the boot sequence. I also have the printer and the 5247 storage unit, also not working. I’d be interested in getting the computer working again, if possible. Or, in the alternative, I’d be willing to send it to a new home. I am located in New Jersey. Email me if interested.