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Feb 292012
Time for a HMMWV Make-Over?

I have a HMMWV. It’s a 1986 USMC M998 that I bought back in December of 1999. It was stripped of all accessories when I got it, and it had some mechanical issues to work out, but I fixed it up into a well-running truck… and it only stranded me 250 miles from home once! :) This is my rambling post in which I consider whether and how to reconfigure my truck again.

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Nov 232005
S-448 Communications Shelter

I bought this S-448 communications shelter on 11/22/2005 from another military radio and vehicle collector. I plan to use it as my primary radio room at home. It originally housed a Collins AN/TSC-60(V)1 “Communication Central” set. The interior was completely stripped of equipment when the previous owner bought it, and he installed some equipment racks, desks, drawers, etc. He also re-wired it to run from single-phase power instead of three-phase power. The shelter would have originally had a panel on the right side of the door with a whole bunch of connectors and binding posts, but that has been replaced by a blank metal panel. If I need to add any external electrical connections, that would be the obvious place to do it. Some of the ventilation panels leak, but they look like they’ll be fairly easy to repair. Overall, the shelter is in good shape, and it’ll make a really nice radio shack.

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