Jan 012013

My M-209 Simulation Software is now hosted on GitHub. This means that all past, present and future versions of it will be available in one spot, and users can easily track changes from version to version.

The main GitHub page for this software project is here:


You can download tar or zip files for each release from this page:


You can also clone the entire repository onto your computer by installing the free git software and then using this command:

git clone git://github.com/NF6X/hagelin.git

I do my development of this software on my Mac, using the toolchain and libraries provided by MacPorts. If you use MacPorts on a Mac, then you do not need to install the git software from the link above; it is provided by the git-core package in MacPorts.

It should be easy to build this project on other Unix-like platforms such as Linux, too.

I haven’t verified it recently, but it should also be possible to build this project on Windows computers in the Cygwin environment.

I plan to host my future open-source projects on GitHub, too. See all of my public repositories on my GitHub profile page.

  2 Responses to “M-209 Simulation Software Now On GitHub”

  1. I went through the install on Mountain Lion,
    installed xcode via app store, then installed xcode command line
    installed, upgraded old, and got running macports (http://www.macports.org/install.php#requirements – note this was a very long and involved process for me due to an old macport installation that wasn’t maintained

    git cloned the source, per command above

    ran ./configure
    It failed looking for Boost headers

    (ran around the web finding the boost headers, compiling it (long wait time here), not working, and finally thought to try….)
    sudo port install boost

    You might want to include this info in your “INSTALL” document on git to help someone else along the install process

    • Thank you for your suggestion! I’ll try to remember to improve the installation document in a future release. I’ve been told that the manual page needs some work, too.

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