Sep 071999

This page contains links to scanned images of a 1966 installation manual which describes the “correct” way to install radio set AN/VRC-12 in 2.5-ton 6×6 trucks. Each page was scanned at 150 DPI and saved as a GIF image. This is the complete manual; the original was unbound, and consisted of two double-sided sheets followed by five foldouts, 3-hole punched and stapled together without any cover. The scans were performed by Buzz KD7BZ, and then I touched them up and spliced together the foldouts. Buzz’s scans looked better before I converted them to 2-color images to make the files smaller… :-)

The AN/VRC-12 radio set consists of an RT-246 transceiver, MT-1029 mount, R-442 receiver, MT-1898 mount, antenna AT-912/VRC or AT-1729/VRC, and an auxiliary antenna with base AB-15 or AB-558. This installation uses control boxes C-2742/VRC and C-2299/VRC for remote control of the radios (which are mounted on the troop seats in the cargo area) from the cab.

Note that these instructions should be mostly applicable for installations of other VRC-12-series sets, such as the AN/VRC-47, which substitutes the more common RT-524 for the RT-246. This installation would not use frequency selectior box C-2742, and may have other differences, but most of the mounting instructions should be applicable.


Page 1: Title page, table of contents and introduction (1233×1599, 39k)
Page 2: Introduction, continued (1233×1599, 14k)
Page 3: Installation (1227×1605, 41k)
Page 4: Figure 2-1: Assembly of waterproof vehicle terminal box plugs (1227×1605, 37k)
Page 5: References (1227×1605, 20k)
Page 6: Distribution (1227×1605, 34k)
Page 7: Figure 2-2: Installation methods for Antenna AS-1729/VRC (2442×1605, 56k)
Page 8: Figure 2-3: Drilling details for Antenna AS-1729/VRC (2928×1524, 61k)
Page 9: Figure 2-4: Installation diagram, M34 and M35 (2793×1605, 91k)
Page 10: Figure 2-4, continued: Installation diagram, M135 and M211 (2787×1605, 93k)