Sep 112014

Here are some pictures of the circuit card drawer and plug-in cards of my System/23 Datamaster. I took them in order to compare my machine vs. a couple machines owned by another nearby collector. I apologize for the less than ideal lighting and focus.

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  1. I recently acquired a Datamaster. It does not boot. It gets as far ad “FD” during the boot routine. My only interest in this machine is sentimental. I’d be willing to spend a limited amount of time and money in an attempt to get it working. Needless to say, I’m not optimistic. But, if you can offer any advice I’d be grateful. I’m located in New Jersey. Thanks in advance.

    • Congratulations! I don’t have any specific advice, because I never had to debug any failures with my Datamaster before it moved on to its new home. I think the best suggestion I can offer is to ask about it on the cctalk mailing list and/or the VCF forum, and see if anybody there knows more than us about Datamaster debugging and repair. Good luck!

  2. Bo Ho Ho
    Another System23 without the SiA Network drive card. I am looking for a complete system with the parts to rebuild a IBM 5247 External network hard drive unit and a external 5246 diskette drive unit. Unformat Illy the manuals online at are missing those sections. To add more user memory over 256K you must modify the mother board PCB and do a firmware update.
    Now as far as the FD” during the boot routine” do you have access to any preformatted System/23 diskettes because they will be needed for this con to count.